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A wine lover and wine connoisseur will instinctively look for awards and accolades on a wine.  It is almost as if a wine without an award is not rated good enough…. Yet!  Many smaller boutique wine farms have excellent wine.  Quality that surpasses many other well-known brands in the market.  But unfortunately, these smaller wine farms do not always have the means and expertise to bring their product into the market.

This is where we come in.  The Secret Sommelier specializes in creating a footprint, a guideline and a business plan for such a farm.  Working together with the same enthusiasm and vision to realize the business plan.  It takes much longer for a smaller boutique farm to step into the market and stand their ground, than for many well-known brands out there.

Patience, dedication, discipline and a lot of relationship building will turn the wheel in our favour.  We do not believe in fly by night listings.  We work towards a long-term relationship, with long term rewards for both the wine farm and the client (restaurant/retailer).  

We a proud to announce that many of the wines in our portfolio has won various awards.

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