Training Academy


Firstly, we are the Ambassador for the Whisky Academy Gauteng.  We specialize in the following whisky labels – Kilchoman, Shetland Reel, Wolfburn, Wemyss

These are all small family owned distilleries in different parts of Scotland, including Islay, etc.


We endeavor to get involved with our clients as much as possible.  A great need has been experienced in the training of staff.  One walks into any retail outlet (clothing, food) and one can see the lack of training in basic skills – customer care, soft skills, merchandising, etc.

Over the years, being in the trade for many years, we came across many such problems and issues where there is a lack of education and job-specific training.  A waiter or waitress is, for some people, their career!  Why not reward that.  If you are good and even exceptional at what you do, why not obtain certification with accreditation for your skills.  

We offer our clients the opportunity to have their staff trained through us.  Hands-on, personal, on-the-job training, right there in the workplace.  Some of the syllabus is academic for which the candidates will break away for short, intensive training sessions.  

Staff can also on an individual basis train and educate through us directly.  We offer various courses which is fully accredited and certified.  These courses include:

Soft Skills

Sales Training

Customer Care


Basic Wine Appreciation

Intermediate Wine Training

Food & Wine Pairing

Basic Whisky Appreciation

Intermediate Whisky Training

Food & Whisky Pairing

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