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Wine tasting (often, in wine circles, simply tasting) is the sensory examination and evaluation of wine.

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Who is “the Secret Sommelier’?

In a nutshell - We Specialize in boutique and exclusive wines and are proudly the ambassador for the Whiskey Academy Gauteng.

We specialize in sourcing exclusive and boutique wines, whiskeys and spirits.  Keeping our clients informed about new wine brands on the market, special offers, discounts, trends and off course – invitations and special rates to wine, whisky, vodka, bourbon, gin and bubbly tastings and events!  Your personal Sommelier!

We head hunt exclusive and boutique wineries and distilleries to create a unique footprint and client base for their products.

We believe that the market has changes the past couple of years and consumers are more open to new and exciting products in the wine and spirit industry.

Together with our business partners – the wineries and distilleries – we endeavor to create a unique experience to our customers when introducing our product range to them.


Over the past 15+ years we gained extensive experience in the FMCG and Retail Industry.  We recognized shortcomings and new opportunities which motivated us to put our Passion into Practice.


Building Relationships – our key word and focus.

We strongly believe in partnering with our business partners – the wineries and distilleries – to create a win-win situation.  We become the hands, feet, eyes and ears of our business partners up here in Gauteng.  Although our reach includes Limpopo and North West and obviously whole of Gauteng.


Isn’t that what we all are striving for?  Striving to offer a unique service and exceptional experience.  With our PASSION to create PARTNERSHIP with our business partners the result can only be PROSPERITY!

What We Offer You!

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